All Black Weddings

I wore this almost all black look to the church ceremony part of the wedding I attended this past weekend. I felt slightly awkward wearing a ton of black to an event that was about celebration. When you think of church wedding you think of pops of solid

Bear Necessities

…the simple bear necessities; oh the simple life that is an all black outfit. Anytime I have an important meeting, interview, interaction or anytime I feel like impressing without feeling

Cut Offs

Denim shorts are like the best thing ever; I have literally been living in them all summer because, like everything else that I love in fashion, they are versatile and comfortable. I wore a high

Off Shoulder

I have been going a little cray cray on shopping sprees at Something about having a load of choices and not having to stand in line along with great sales have me spending probably way more than I should. You can’t take it with you right?! Haha, anyways this off the shoulder