Orange You Glad

…I didn’t say banana?! Haha, anyways today’s nail art post is inspired by the color scheme of the July 2015 cover of Instyle magazine. The cover features the beautiful Zoë Saldana wearing

Nailed It

Loves; Just wanted to share with you all the nail art I’m rocking this week. The whole design is inspired by the different colors that come with spring. The first one is an attempt at a paint stroke nail art: The nail art I’m wearing as I type is a late Easter-esk design with the … More Nailed It

Monday Mani

Here is what I’m rocking on my nails this week. Since my clothing has been gravitating towards really dark colors lately, I loved the idea of doing a pop of color on my nails. However, I didn’t want to do a full on color (that would feel to Spring) so I did a nude nail … More Monday Mani

Accent Nail

Hey; This is going to be a brief post. I haven’t had a ton of time to do extravagant nail art lately but I still wanted something a bit more special than a basic mani so I paired my favorite burgundy nail polish with a blush index nail as an accent. Piniel S♥

Baby Blue

‘Tis the season for everything pastel. I have been seeing different pastel shades from pinks to purples all over DIY nail art boards and blogs but had not seen pastel blue, until recently. Upon discovering just how flattering the shade looks in pictures I went on a search for nail polish that was just the … More Baby Blue