Happy Monday loves! This look is perfect for the chilly days of spring. I love layering, not just in the fall/winter but year wide. It makes my clothes feel


The weather man said there would be no snow, what the heck does he know? It snowed enough to cover my entire car (not a fun surprise when you are late


I am not a fan of the cold and snow but I looooovvvvvvveeeeeee layering which makes the winter months more bearable. This nude oversized scarf has been

Black & Blue

Wearing black and blue together was once a major fashion faux pas. You know what they say, fashion rules are meant to be broken. I actually really like

The Best of Me

Lovelies; As Christmas rolls ever so close, the countdown to the end of 2014 begins. With that comes the annual countdown of all that went down through out the year.


More layering coming your way courtesy of my new pair of rompers. I got them on a whim one Sunday afternoon