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AOB Med Spa Cherry Creek location Treatment Room 1Although this is a fashion blog, I am a firm believer that the journey to finding ones personal style includes (dare I even say starts) with the decision to take care of ones self head to toe. So when I had a chance to work with AOB Med Spa on this post I thought why not ask all those skin care questions I’ve been wanting a clear answer on. I had an opportunity to meet with and be treated by Rebecca, and can I just say she is even more knowledgeable about skin care than I could capture in just one post. The one thing I took away from our conversation is that skin care is about finding routines/products that you can actually keep up with. She treated me to a wonderful facial after which I left feeling relaxed, pampered and well-informed.

Name: Rebecca Fine

How long have you been an aesthetician?

12+ years, though I’ve dabbled in homemade skin treatments since I was a child.

Rebecca Headshot beauty expert AOB Med SpaIn your years of experience what is the one thing most people get wrong about skin care?

There’s a great deal of confusing information out there regarding skin care! The beauty industry is massive; it’s flooded with products, treatments and self-proclaimed experts. As a result, many people are overwhelmed. This leads to people purchasing multiple products and treatments that just aren’t suited to them, which costs them money, time and ultimately results. In my opinion, changing your mindset is the best first step in getting things right with skin care. By elevating the importance of obtaining sound professional advice, individuals are able to confidently ignore the lure of buzz words, fancy packaging and cheap ‘solutions’ in favor of seeking assistance from true professionals that are trained and experienced in weeding through the lotions and potions and can instead create a personalized treatment plan that will best suit the individual’s needs.

What are some of the FAQ’s you receive as a skin care expert?

Lots of different concerns and questions come up during consultations and treatments. Each one of these questions is valid and worth asking, especially if professional skin care is new to you. Overall, most people want to know three basic things: how will this help me, when will I see results and why is this better than (insert brand/treatment)?

To be honest, there are many questions I’d love to see more clients asking their providers, if in fact the provider hasn’t already preempted the following questions in their consultation. These would be: what can I realistically expect, what are the known side effects, have YOU performed this treatment on other people with my concerns/skin type, can I go about my regular activities when I use/do this, will this be my regular routine or a one-time treatment and what can I expect this product line/treatment plan to cost?

AOB Med Spa Cherry Creek location Retail DisplayIs there a remedy or treatment you would recommend for sensitive, acne prone or problematic skin?

My own acne issues were the impetus for becoming an aesthetician. Over the years, I’ve dealt with my own acne in addition to treating the blemishes and breakouts of teenagers, adults, pregnant women and soldiers fresh from deployment. In short, acne affects anyone and everyone at some point in their life and requires a multi-faceted approach. This is where a well compiled, personalized plan, developed in tandem with a skin care professional can yield the best, long term results.

As you know, the cold weather can be incredibly harsh on skin. What is your advice for keeping skin moisturized?

Hydrate, hydrate hydrate! Hydration in cold weather is a two part approach. We tend to drink less water in the winter, which can wreak havoc on already compromised skin. Therefore, I recommend that my clients choose warm water with lemon or herbal teas over coffee, which can dehydrate, in order to keep hydrated without the chill of iced water! Couple this with a does of topical hyaluronic acid (a super moisturizing ingredient) such as SkinCeuticals Hydrating b% or IS Clinical Hydracool and you should be well armed for cold weather.

AOB Med Spa Cherry Creek location Treatment RoomWhat skincare and beauty products do you yourself swear by?

Oh dear…. I’m one product short of being featured on ‘Hoarders’!  A few things I always have on my shelf, aside from a physical sunscreen, are: IS Clinical HydraCool, IS Clinical Active Serum, SkinCeuticals MetaCell Renewal, SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic and Resveratrol B E, Epidermal Repair, and Tretinoin (prescription Retin A).  As with any one of my clients, the needs of my own skin change with the seasons, travel, stress and diet – there are many variables that we ‘wear’ on our skin.  With professional products at hand, I’m able to target issues as they arise, keeping my skin balanced.  One doesn’t need a personal apothecary to manage their skin, just a few, select, professional products that work for THEM and that they know when and how to best utilize. Aestheticians like myself love to help people design their perfect skincare arsenal.

What treatment would you recommend for beginners (such as myself) who aren’t all that well versed in skin treatments?

The most important part of a good skin care routine is a sound professional consultation. So many people skip this crucial first step and then turn to navigate the skin care aisles without appropriate education. It’s akin to driving cross country without a map! There is no one treatment or product that fits all. I highly recommend any one that is new to skin care, ready for a routine upgrade, seeking to manage an existing skin care concern or wanting to mitigate aging schedule a customized, professional consultation. Your aesthetician can create a custom plan (for both professional treatments and at-home care) that fits your skin care concerns, lifestyle and budget. A consult is complimentary — you really owe it to yourself to begin with the right information.

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Piniel S

{Photo Credit: AOB Med Spa}

* This post is sponsored but the opinions expressed are all mine!


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