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Lacey Spruce My Boring Closet

One of my favorite things about being a blogger is having the chance to meet people near and far through social media interactions and other world-wide web activities. My next style profile is on a blogger who happens to live in my city but one I meet on Instagram (funny ha). Her name is Lacey and she is the blogger behind My Boring Closet. Now don’t let the name fool you, her sense of style is anything but boring. Keep reading to hear more about her blog, favorite places to shop and so much more!


Name: Lacey Spruce

Blog: My Boring Closet

Lacey Spruce My Boring Closet (2)

What inspired you to start blogging?
I started my blog as a way to get more comfortable in front of the camera. At the time, I was living in LA working as an actress, and I wanted to practice poses and be more comfortable being photographed. It totally helped! I am no longer acting, but the blog is such a great way for me to be creative and play dress up and help others discover ways to express themselves through what they wear.

What is your favorite part of blogging?
My favorite part of blogging is the connections I have made. I have met so many wonderful people who love fashion/lifestyle, and it has been so great to make new friends who share my perspective on life and style.

Lacey Spruce My Boring Closet (5)

How do you define fashion and style; is there a difference?
Yes, there is definitely a difference! I think fashion is all about what is hot on the runway, who is the trendiest designer, who you are wearing, etc. And fashion is fun! I love fashion shows and Fashion Week and all of it, but style is more about how you express yourself through the way you dress. Style and fashion can intersect when you see something on the runway or you see a trend you want to try, but it all comes back to your style and what the clothes you wear say about you, which ultimately, is what we are all doing every day!

If you could describe your personal sense of style in one word/sentence what would it be?
I think my style is toned-down edgy. I like drama, but I try to keep it just on the edge of being too much.

Lacey Spruce My Boring Closet (4)

Do you think it’s set in stone or are you still figuring it out as you go?
I definitely don’t think it’s set in stone. I think my style is constantly evolving as I evolve as a person. Sometimes I look back on photos from when I started my blog in 2012 and think, “What was I thinking?” haha, but that’s what my blog is about. A photo diary of my style evolution.

What are the staple items in your closet?
Leather jacket, skinny jeans, white tee. I could travel with just these things and be good to go (although I might be a little bored!)

What is your go to outfit?
My go-to is crop top and high-waisted pants. It’s a style that has served me well this whole summer!

Lacey Spruce My Boring Closet (3)

What are your favorite places to shop?
I love the local Denver boutiques like Goldyn, Whorl, Inspyre, Pink’s, Rustic Thread, Patterns and Pops, and so many more. I also love Asos, H&M, Zara, Nordstrom, and Target.

Who are your fashion icons?
I get a lot of inspiration from bloggers like Late Afternoon, Corals and Cognacs, Off the Racks, Atlantic Pacific, Wendy’s Lookbook, and so many more! I screenshot outfit ideas all the time from Instagram and Pinterest. To be honest, I don’t follow a lot of celebrity style. I prefer seeing what other bloggers and non-bloggers are wearing on a daily basis.



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{All photos courtesy of Lacey}

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