Birthday Dress

twirling in a white dress

Yesterday was my birthday (woot, woot). Another year older, a tad wiser and feeling intensely blessed! I was fortunate enough to celebrate my birthday at a dinner with a few girlfriends over pizza and awesome conversations. If that wasn’t wonderful enough this dress, which I had ordered online over memorial day weekend, arrived just in time for my dinner. A little white dress is a wonderful closet staple but, for me anyways, an off white dress is much easier to wear. I also like that the dress is ankle length because then I can wear it with heels or flat shoes and I never have to worry about the hem being dragged around. For this post I wore my burgundy, ankle strap, ridiculous high heels and delicate gold jewelry.

Off white maxi dress burgundy ankle strap high heels midi off white dress burgundy ankle strap heels lob haircut with curls gold heart ring delicate stackable rings burgundy platform high heels burgundy ankle strap platform high heels LWD summer style

Dress– 2020Ave | Jewelry– Forever 21, H&M


Piniel S

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