Minimal Bohemian

gray and marsala stripped bohemian nail art

If I could describe my sense of style I would say I’m a minimalist bohemian. Now, you hear those words together and think about how different they are. By definition a bohemian style involves volume, print on print and tons of print, did I mention print?! The colors are bold, a ton of warm tones like burnt orange and burgundy. While, on the other end of the style spectrum, minimalism involves simple silhouettes, monochromatic color schemes and an overall paired down viewpoint. I find myself in the middle of the spectrum, I love flowy, lose silhouettes with tones of volume and there isn’t a color I have meet that I haven’t liked. However, I like to also think of my style as paired down with a specific point of view. I like colors but only one at a time and usually, especially as of late, I have been drawn to neutral colors such as grays and blacks. All that to say this manicure is a perfect example of how I like to dress, the colors and pattern created are bold and undefined but the overall look is simple, minimal even.

earl gray and marsala minimalist bohemian nail art manicure

Happy Memorial Day!


Piniel S

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