Denim Shorts 3 Ways | Casual

denim shorts light weight gray oversize sweater sandals navy blue fedora hat

Being basic…an apparent insult now a days…is something that is rare in this world. People are so busy trying to create the new, new…the next big thing, moment, viral sensation that the basics are looked down on. To me the basics are a vital part of life, a basic fashion sense is the solid foundation on which personal style is developed. There are many ways to style denim shorts so I wanted to start by showing it off in its most natural habitat, supper casual paired with a lightweight oversize sweater, felt fedora hat and sandals.

shorts, hat, sandals from forever 21 ootd ready for summer basics shorts sweater tucked in light wash distressed denim shorts black t strap sandals gray light weight oversize sweater 2020ave

Top– 2020Ave | Shorts, Hat, Shoes– Forever 21



3 thoughts on “Denim Shorts 3 Ways | Casual

  1. I am basic to the core, and I don’t care, it’s me! Glad you’ve embraced your basic self, too, as this is my favorite way you’ve styled these shorts!! And I agree, I think sometimes people forget, and need to remember, how to get back to the basics (like the horror show that was most of the Met Gala – yikes!). Lovely styling as always!! 🙂


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