Streaks of Gold

gold nail polish navy blue nail polish

On top of being a determiner of coming fashion trends, runway shows also inspire the beauty looks we see and imitate; this includes nail art. The past few years have shown a spike in extravagant, over-the-top manicures involving more tools than any one human should posses. However, the Spring and Fall 2015 shows brought back a laid back, minimalist take to nail art. This feels like a personal victory for me because my affinity for fab nail art was taking so much time and effort. I used to do my nails up to three times a week but, due to my busy schedule, I have had to take a break from it. Until now. Taking nail art back to the basics, when the shade of nail polish mattered more than the amount of designs you can fit on a single nail, is allowing me to once again partake in this creative outlet. I know, I know, it really isn’t that big of a deal. Anyway, for today’s post I kept it way simple with a navy blue polish and gold streaks.

urban revlon nail polish golden I sally hansen nail polish nude nails base coat navy blue nails navy manicure with simple gold streak stripes nail art

Piniel S

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