NYFW Fall 2015: J.Crew

1 J.Crew Fall 2015 RTW Style.com

J.Crew knows how to style a woman. The layers, proportions and overall cool factor is so high; everyone wants to be a J.Crew girl. She is effortless, fashion forward but not trend obsessed and has a way of making the plainest items seem so chic. The thing that I appreciate the most about the way this brand presents its collections is how relatable the items are. You don’t need to be a fashion expert to understand the pieces individually and the amazing way the clothes are put together provides an endless amount of inspiration. The Fall 2015 collection started with a bold pop of yellow and ended with multicolored sequins with moments of fur and denim splashed in the middle.

4 J.Crew Fall 2015 RTW Style.com 7 J.Crew Fall 2015 RTW Style.com11 J.Crew Fall 2015 RTW Style.com14 J.Crew Fall 2015 RTW Style.com16 J.Crew Fall 2015 RTW Style.com19 J.Crew Fall 2015 RTW Style.com20 J.Crew Fall 2015 RTW Style.com22 J.Crew Fall 2015 RTW Style.com23 J.Crew Fall 2015 RTW Style.com27 J.Crew Fall 2015 RTW Style.com28 J.Crew Fall 2015 RTW Style.com

Piniel S

{Photo Credit: Style.com}

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