Black Tie

black and white nail polish

Happy Wednesday;

For this installation of #MonthlyMani I’m rocking my version of the theme “Black Tie”. I did what any girl with so little time yet so much need for a fun nail art does, I used polka dots. They are so easy to make (you can use a dot maker tool or the tip of a bobby pin) and look like you put in some effort. Instead of a base coat, I used a nail hardener so my nails can hold up better in the colder weather. I also used a glittery black nail polish for the polka dots.  I added a random red one on each nail because it is so unexpected but also because I was inspired by the dress Kerry Washington wore on Jimmy Fallon.

nail hardner from Sinful collection

black polka dot over white nail art

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Piniel S

6 thoughts on “Black Tie

  1. Ooh this is so simple and chic, I love it! The single red polka dot is so fun and unexpected and I am totally stealing this idea haha! (Ps. I love how you also photo your manicures on a magazine cover because I totally paint my nails on a magazine, too! ;))


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