Polar Vortex

sweater jeans booties fall fashion inspo

I mean this cold weather is no joke. Half way through photographing this outfit my hands turned red, like tomato red, from being so darn cold. Oh how I miss those long, warm days of summer! Anywho, I am having fun coming up with creative ways to layer without looking like I’m wearing my entire closet (remember Joey). Sunday wasn’t as crazy cold during the day so I just threw on a stripped, off the shoulder sweater over loose-fitting jeans and my absolute favorite pair of black booties. Also, I finally got a new coat last week. It is supper stylish and functional at the same time. What do y’all think?

stripped off the shoulder sweater patch work boyfriend jeans black booties silver delicate stackable rings stripped off the shoulder sweater from H&M black coat with faux leather sleeves and asymmetric zipper black booties

Coat, Shoes– Forever 21 | Sweater, Jeans– H&M 

Hope to get more outfit posts up but if I don’t, blame it on the darn polar vortex!

Piniel S


4 thoughts on “Polar Vortex

  1. Love the sweater and that coat is fantastic!! Seriously so stylish and it looks pretty warm, too! I cannot imagine snow on the ground right now, we’re looking at near 80-degree weather AGAIN for the next couple days – yeesh!


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