Weddings In July

Man, do I love weddings. I’m usually the sap trying not to cry or, I should say, attempting to hide the fact that I am crying will the happy couple exchanges vows that will forever change their lives. I got to attend one over the weekend at a beautiful chapel followed by a fun, dance filled reception. I had known about the wedding for a while but it hadn’t occurred to me that I would have to wear something special till the day before (which is rare for me) but, thankfully, I had this beautiful dress in my closet which I had bought at an amazing sale a few months back. I paired it with black, strappy heels and my hair in a braided crown. I got so many compliments and, above all else, I felt so comfortable and like myself.

red dress perfect for july wedding bold red mini dress with long sleeves with silver beading on the cuffs natural hair braided crown silver stud earrings silver beading detail on the cuff silver rings bohemian black strappy platform high heel shoes long sleeve teired bohemian mini dress and black platform strappy heels bright red dress black strappy heels

Dress– H&M | Shoes– Penny loves Kenny | Rings– Forever 21, H&M | Earrings– Forever 21

Piniel S

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