Mini Me | Mini My

Here is my secret on how to create a personal style: when it works, wear it over and over in as many variations as possible.

Exhibit A: By now you might have noticed my abundant supply of oversized button up blouses, which I wear as part of my uniform (a large, flowy top paired with jeans/dresses/shorts…that fit closer to the body and an assortment of rings). Those proportions work well on me and above all else, they make me feel most like myself. It used to both me that I was always drawn to the same things when shopping and the same combinations when getting dressed. Then I realized that I was drawn to those things because I felt the most comfortable in them. Now I’m not saying to never try new trends and experiment with your style, that would be me undermining the whole point of this blog . But what I am saying is never try to be like anyone else, especially in the way you dress, because you will feel uncomfortable and it will be very obvious. Know what works for you and use it as a foundation, then experiment with trends to your heart’s content.

Here is a variation of my uniform consisting of one of my favorite button ups over a black mini.

Button up blouse mini skirt high heels blue and white stripped button up blouse black mini and a baby blue stripped top peep toe heels silver delicate stackable knuckle rings peep toe textured navy blue heels with a bow detail

Top, Skirt, Rings– H&M | Shoes– Joey

Piniel S

7 thoughts on “Mini Me | Mini My

  1. I love this! You definitely have a signature look, and I think that’s great! You know yourself, which means you always have something to come back to, but you can always experiment and venture from there!! 🙂


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