Style Inspiration : Olsen Twins

The Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, are this generations most outstanding and influential style icons.They have initiated so many of the trends that we rock and continue to do so. Their impact is wide spread, influencing everyone from celebrities to the everyday woman. The thing that attracts me most is the ease in which they wear clothes. Whether it is a high-end designer or something they found off the rack, they never let the clothes take over but instead use layering and accessories to make the clothes showcase who they are, their point of view. They are never about sex appeal in the conventional sense which is such a breath of fresh air in a time when skin might as well be considered another garment. Their attitude towards clothes and the unapologetic way they dress has had and continues to have such a huge impact on my personal sense of style.

I know it is almost unreasonable to have a favorite Olsen twin but I do. Although they are both phenomenal, Ashley Olsen has a more polished take on the whole effortless, bohemian look.

Piniel S

{Photo Credit: People}

2 thoughts on “Style Inspiration : Olsen Twins

  1. Omg I LOVE the Olsen twins! I always have and I suspect I always will!! Their style is phenomenal and I just think they are the epitome of cool, not to mention they are a couple of powerhouse females!! (Although, my favorite has always been Mary-Kate haha!) 😉


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