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Olvido Madrid - clutches CharlotteOne of the things I want to accomplish on this blog is to introduce all you lovely readers to different designers so, to that point, here is a new category called {Designer Profile}. To start things off I had a chance to interview Beatriz González, the creative director of Olvido Madrid an accessories design house based in Spain. Their items are so delicate, exquisite, unique and absolutely perfect for a fun night out.

Q: In a few sentences please describe your brand?

A: Olvido Madrid is a Spanish born handbags, clutches & accessories brand that brings contemporary women into the spotlight with fine elegance and true femininity.

Q: What inspired you to start Olvido Madrid?

A: I was working in London as fashion designer for a swimming suits company but I had the needed of creating something for myself, to put all my creativity into my own designs and in December 2011 I started the adventure of creating my own handbags and accessories brand. All 2012 I worked on the prototypes while I was still working at the swimming suit company and in 2013 I left my job, moved back to Spain and started to build the company. I have made everything by myself: the logo, the website, the photos, the prototypes, the first bags I sold… It took me 2 years to build Olvido Madrid but was worth it, now I have 4 people working with me, several Spanish stores sell my handbags and travel twice a year to Paris to exhibit my designs for international buyers.

Q: What is the story behind the name Olvido Madrid?

A: Olvido means forgetfulness. I was studying Fashion Design in Madrid and when I finished the degree I moved to London and spent 2 years there. Moving from my country to a new one meant to me the end of a beautiful stage of my life and the beginning of an exciting one, I wanted to have that feeling with me forever and I created the brand with that name: Olvido Madrid.

Olvido Madrid - bolso cordón de seda menta

Q: Why did you choose to design handbags and accessories?

A: I decided to design evening handbags and accessories because I needed a product that could fit in my suitcase as I was traveling between Madrid and London all the time. Also handbags and accessories are much easier to produce and sell to the final customer or stores than garments. I didn´t need more reasons haha

Olvido Madrid - Colección Bombones 2

Q: What is your creative process and where do you get your inspiration?

A: The brand is the first one of its kind to work so intricately with the silk cord enabling to produce that perfect piece to complement any outfit.

The complete production process is carefully handmade in our workshop in Spain, where we work only with the best quality materials to make exclusive and timeless products.

Aesthetically Olvido Madrid is deeply inspired by the Spanish culture and it ́s origins. In terms of product development the influences develop from a strong understanding of Haute Couture and tradition resulting in a luxurious combination of design, materials and geometric compositions.

Q: What is your favorite piece or collection that you have created thus far?

A: My designs are my babies, I just can´t choose one! But I can say my customers have a special weakness for the belts and Carmen clutch.

Colección carterasQ: Has your personal sense of style influenced your collections? How?

A: Of course! I create something I would wear all the time (in fact I wear my designs day or night, even with trainers!). It´s true I try to focus in the customer needs, in this case what customers that assist to weddings and events need because they are my target, but the aesthetic of each design talk about me and the mood I had the day I created it!

Q: Speaking of, what is your personal sense of style?

A: My sense is a mix of everything, each day I weak up in a different mood and need to express it with my clothes, but if I have to define it in a general way I would say casual with a sparkle of elegance. I´m not girly but I like feeling sexy, one day I mix a boyfriend shirt with a pair of mini shorts and “ballerinas” or my vans with a beautiful dress… but what I always wear is one of my designs, to me it are that sparkle of elegance I´m always looking for!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Q: My favorite question is always who is your style icon?

A: Don´t know if you know her but Elle Ferguson is my style icon over all! Kiera Knightley is fabulous too, love them both hahaha.

To learn more or if you want to shop click here! And if you would like to keep up with all that’s going on with the brand check out their blog here!

Piniel S

{Photo Credit: Olvido Madrid}




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