Shades of Blue

I have a problem, a sort of obsession. Every time I enter any store with beauty supplies, specifically nail polish, I purchases something. My nail polish collection is a few purchases away from entering the 100’s. The funny thing is that I use all of them all the time.

This nail art project allowed me to wear multiple nail polish colors at the same time. I tried the “shades of” nail art a while back with shades of orange polish. Here I recreate the look using shades of blue nail polish.

How To:

1| Pick five shades of blue nail polish.

shades of blue nail polish, ombre nail art

   Make sure colors work in order from lightest to darkest shade

  *Since I had a lot of shades of blue, I tested some out on a piece of paper, easier than doing it on your nails*

2| Apply base coat and let dry for a few minutes

   My favorite is Base Coat Top Coat PRO by Rimmel

3| Apple two coats of each shade of blue on both hands

   Let sit for minimum 5 minutes between coats

4| Apple a clear top coat for a shiny finish or a matte top coat for some edge

5| Voila!

Shades of blue ombre nail art

Piniel S



2 thoughts on “Shades of Blue

  1. I love the “ombre” nail effect and I have been dying to do this! I have actually done it a couple times before, but I keep seeing it pop up again everywhere so I think a manicure is in order, stat! 😉


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