Easy Breathy & Cold as Freezy

I took these pics/wore this look on Sunday, a day when the air was crisp and the snow was falling. I was so cold that half way through my photo shoot, I stopped feeling my toes (what I do for this blog :-)). Anyways, I woke up that morning tired as can be and wanted to where something crazy comfortable (what else is new) so I turned to my trusty mustard crop sweater and layered it over a high low black and white top. These shoes have become my favorite pair, who would have thunk it!

black coat, mustard yellow sweater, black and white top, jeans rolled up, gray lace up sneakers black coat over mustard crop sweater high low black and white stripped top jeans gray sneakers cropped mustard yellow sweater layered over a high low black front chiffon stripped back top mustard yellow black and white strippes denim gray sneakers gold rings, kuckle rings, stud earring, dark lipstick, mustard yellow sweater baby it's cold outside, im freezing I hope I don't start sneezingCoat– Anne Klein, Sweater, Rings– H&M, Top,Earrings, Some Rings– Forever 21, Jeans– Levi’s, Shoes– Wild Diva from gojane.com


Piniel S

7 thoughts on “Easy Breathy & Cold as Freezy

  1. At first we were loving the mustard sweater… and then we scrolled down and saw your high-low top. Now confused over which one we loved better! But you look really nice any how! And kudos for taking these photos even when it was so cold πŸ™‚

    Love, Wink n Pout
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