2 Years & Counting

Hello my lovely readers;

It has officially been two years since I started this blog and what a time it has been. I have learned so much about what I stand for and what I would like to accomplish with this blog. But all this wouldn’t mean as much without all the support that I have received from you guys, my readers and subscribers alike. It always makes me smile to know that someone out there cares about my perspective and what I have to say so thank you for the views and comments.

I would like to take this post to reflect on the past year and tell you guys the posts that I am most proud of.

MorningAnd of course you can’t forget the post that started it all.

What post from the past year do you like the most?

Here is to many more years of blogging, of inspiration and creativity and expressing point of views through discovering personal style.


Piniel S♥


  1. Wow, congratulations! What an accomplishment. You should be very proud to have stuck it out, many people give up after a year so, to many more years! ^_^



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