DIY Denim Cutoffs

Anytime my jeans get to worn or I’m not fond of a pair, I chopped them and turn them into denim cutoffs. Here is how to do it.

Picture2You will need:

  • a pair of jeans
  • scissors
  • something to mark with


  1. mark where you would like to cut the jeans (I marked a little lower than where I ended up cutting the jeans that way I had some wiggle room just in case)
  2. Cut off the leg you marked
  3. lay the short leg over the long one so that you cut at exactly the same spot
  4. cut off other leg
  5. throw into washer to give it a worn look (it takes a couple of washes before getting a really worn in look)

I like how mine turned out.

030 024What do you think?

Piniel S♥




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