Super Bowl Sunday

So let me start this post with a disclaimer, I do not care what so ever about American Football or any sport for that matter, however; I love watching the big games or the people who watch the big games. For those who don’t know yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday, a day for eating all the junk food known to man kind and sitting around a screen along with about thirty of your friends and saying nothing to each other except for the occasional asking for the chips or the yelling for or at your team.

I had the pleasure of experiencing this at a Super Bowl party at a friend’s house and I thought the occasion called for a cute outfit so here is what I wore. I love this new sweater that I got at a clearance (what else :-)) over the weekend. It is warm enough that I didn’t need a coat and I love that the fit is closer to the body. I paired it with dark skinny jeans and  pair of heels that have been staring at me from the back of my closet for the past few years. The heels are around two and a half inches (the shortest in my closet) so I thought they would be perfect for a sporty occasion (although all I did was sit on a chair and eat).

057 060 068 rings 071Top, Rings (right hand)– Forever 21, Jeans– Levi’s, Shoes– Qupid, Rings (left hand)- H&M

Piniel S♥

PS: Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens for an amazing win!!

One thought on “Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Love it – great sweater and I really love that clutch purse! I’m not a big sports fan either but I have to admit I did catch the end of the game and it got pretty exciting there for a bit 😉


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