Romance In Bloom

It’s the third Wednesday of the month which could only mean one thing… #MonthlyMani baby!

August is the national romance awareness month (still have no clue what that means) so we thought it appropriate to do a theme around that and so romance in bloom was born. I took this theme a bit literally as inspiration both for the nail polish colors and the design of the manicure, a sort of nod to mod.

I choose to use a vibrant green and white nail polishes to create this manicure.

nail polish - PinsPlace

First, I used the green nail polish as the base by coloring half of each nail with it.

Green half manicure - PinsPlace DIY Mod Nail Art - PinsPlace

I then used my dotting tool to create two to three flowers on each nail. The whole look reminds me of Twiggy with her color block shift dress, white platform boots and gorgeous eye lashes, very 60’s and grooving.

nod to mod green half manicre with white flowers - PinsPlace

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If you would like to participate in the next #monthlymani please leave a comment and email me (

Piniel S


I Pink Your Gray

I was reading through the Instyle Your Look special issue when I  came across a picture of a woman wearing a beautiful pink trench coat over a gray sweatshirt. The pale pink and light gray seem so spring but when worn in thick, fall appropriate clothing that color combination becomes edgy and breaks the rules of “proper fall colors”.

Inspiration from Instyle's your look special issue

I wanted to capture that in my nail art so I used these awesome shades of pink and gray nail polish.

pink and gray nail polish nyc essie

The reason this outfit caught my eye is that it is so simple, no embellishments, no bells and whistles. I wanted to carry that into the manicure so I started by painting my nails pink and my pointer finger gray, as an accent nail. Then, I created an exaggerated french manicure using the gray over pink.

pink and gray step by step

inspired by fall trend pink and gray manicure

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Piniel S


top base coat nude lavender nail polish

Man, spending the entire day in bed watching Hallmark movies, browsing through my fave Tumblr blogs and listening to music while eating delicious and healthy food is how every single friggin’ day should be spent! I feel so relaxed and happy!

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far.

I did a fun and quick manicure today where I layered two different colors of nail polish to create a fun look. It didn’t turn out as perfect as I wanted but I think that is what I like about this nail art the most, it is flawed!

Steps diy manicure

fun layered manicure nail art

Piniel S


Hello lovelies;

So remember how I co-hosted a nail art link up with the lovely Kristi of Alligator toe? Well we had so much fun that now we will be doing one every month. We will be posting our DIY manicures with different themes the third Wednesday of each month (#MonthlyMani). If you would like to participate all you have to do is send me an email ( or leave a comment below and let me know.

Since July is national ice cream month we thought it would be fun to create nail art inspired by, say it with me, ICE CREAM. Anytime I think of an ice cream I have an image of two scopes of my favorite flavor in a cone covered in sprinkles and with that inspiration is born.

all the nail polish colors of the rainbow pale pink nail polish as base color

After putting on a layer of base coat (this step is a none negotiable if you want to have healthy nails), I painted on one layer of my base color. Then, using a small striping brush, I created small sprinkle like streaks. I did this one polish at a time so that it also added some layering and texture to the overall look.

sprinkles step by step

Finally, I applied a second coat to my thumb and pinky nails.

sprinkles diy nail art manicure

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Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Piniel S

Mellow Peaches

I want ice cream, like constantly. I’m blaming it on the whole it’s summer thing, but really I am an ice cream year round kind of gal. This manicure reminds me of just that. The peachy pink color next to the mellow yellow is so sweet, fresh and fun. Every time I look down at my nails it reminds me of the whimsy and unending sense that this season brings with its long days and starry nights.

hot summer looks diy manicure nail polish

I painted my nails using the peach polish first then added the designs on each nail.

diy peach and yellow stripped manicure step by step (2)

diy peachy and yellow stripped manicure

Technically you can use a nail brush and nail polish remover to clean up the edges but because of how often I change my nail polish this would mess with my cuticles. So instead I wait till the next morning, soak my fingers in hot water for a few seconds and peel the left over polish. Voilà!!!

final diy nail art stipped manicure

Piniel S