Hello lovelies;

So remember how I co-hosted a nail art link up with the lovely Kristi of Alligator toe? Well we had so much fun that now we will be doing one every month. We will be posting our DIY manicures with different themes the third Wednesday of each month (#MonthlyMani). If you would like to participate all you have to do is send me an email (pinsplaceblog@yahoo.com) or leave a comment below and let me know.

Since July is national ice cream month we thought it would be fun to create nail art inspired by, say it with me, ICE CREAM. Anytime I think of an ice cream I have an image of two scopes of my favorite flavor in a cone covered in sprinkles and with that inspiration is born.

all the nail polish colors of the rainbow pale pink nail polish as base color

After putting on a layer of base coat (this step is a none negotiable if you want to have healthy nails), I painted on one layer of my base color. Then, using a small striping brush, I created small sprinkle like streaks. I did this one polish at a time so that it also added some layering and texture to the overall look.

sprinkles step by step

Finally, I applied a second coat to my thumb and pinky nails.

sprinkles diy nail art manicure

Click on the links below to see what the other participants created:

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Piniel S

Mellow Peaches

I want ice cream, like constantly. I’m blaming it on the whole it’s summer thing, but really I am an ice cream year round kind of gal. This manicure reminds me of just that. The peachy pink color next to the mellow yellow is so sweet, fresh and fun. Every time I look down at my nails it reminds me of the whimsy and unending sense that this season brings with its long days and starry nights.

hot summer looks diy manicure nail polish

I painted my nails using the peach polish first then added the designs on each nail.

diy peach and yellow stripped manicure step by step (2)

diy peachy and yellow stripped manicure

Technically you can use a nail brush and nail polish remover to clean up the edges but because of how often I change my nail polish this would mess with my cuticles. So instead I wait till the next morning, soak my fingers in hot water for a few seconds and peel the left over polish. Voilà!!!

final diy nail art stipped manicure

Piniel S

Flower Power

It is almost July 4th and for those who celebrate red, white and blue themed outfits and nail art are a must. This is one of my favorite holidays for many reasons, one of which is that this day officially marks the start of the summer season. I don’t mean the calendar start but the unofficial start of that warm weather, outside festivals and free as a bird feeling of summer.

red white blue nail polish baby's breath flower

I always go all out when it comes to July 4th themed nail art and usually do something that directly reminds me of the American flag. However, this time I want to also capture the summer I stated above so I used red, white and blue nail polish to create a fun floral pattern.

red white blue nail polish red white blue polka dot floral diy nail art red white and blue themed july 4th nail art

I would love to see what you guys came up with so please leave a comment with a link or tag me in your Instagram posts of said nail art.

Happy almost Friday!

Piniel S


I had another post planned for today but the incessant rain and my not so fun cold made it impossible to take pictures so here we are. I was browsing through the June/July issue of Lucky magazine and came across a picture that inspired me to do a diy nail art post instead.

Lucky june-july 2014 issue inspired mani sinful collection nail polish

You know me and polka dot nail art…

pale pink nail polish with dark green polka dot nail art

Hopefully the weather will cooperate tomorrow!

Happy Monday Y’all!

Piniel S

Shades of Blue

I have a problem, a sort of obsession. Every time I enter any store with beauty supplies, specifically nail polish, I purchases something. My nail polish collection is a few purchases away from entering the 100’s. The funny thing is that I use all of them all the time.

This nail art project allowed me to wear multiple nail polish colors at the same time. I tried the “shades of” nail art a while back with shades of orange polish. Here I recreate the look using shades of blue nail polish.

How To:

1| Pick five shades of blue nail polish.

shades of blue nail polish, ombre nail art

   Make sure colors work in order from lightest to darkest shade

  *Since I had a lot of shades of blue, I tested some out on a piece of paper, easier than doing it on your nails*

2| Apply base coat and let dry for a few minutes

   My favorite is Base Coat Top Coat PRO by Rimmel

3| Apple two coats of each shade of blue on both hands

   Let sit for minimum 5 minutes between coats

4| Apple a clear top coat for a shiny finish or a matte top coat for some edge

5| Voila!

Shades of blue ombre nail art

Piniel S