Sweaters In July

Really enjoying this mild summer, especially the days that allow me to wear my favorite cozy sweaters.

This is one of my go to looks year round: a pair of leggings, a long tank and an over-sized sweater preferably off-shoulder. The leggings are from Forever 21 and cost under $5. They fit really nice, are good both in warm and cold weather and cost so little that I never worry about messing them up, which is nice since I work with kids. I’ve got them in black and gray and wear them quite often. If you are into leggings purchasing these is a no-brainer.

sweater layered over tank top black leggings white sweater cozy sweater white tank top and black leggings delicate stackable gold rings gold stud earrings off the shoulder cozy over-sized sweater

Sweater, Tank– H&M | Leggins, Shoes, Earrings– Forever 21 | Rings– H&M, Forever 21

Piniel S

Third | Blogiversary

I cannot believe that I’ve been blogging for three years, three years of outfit posts, red carpet recaps, shopping tips…etc. It feels so good to have stuck to something that I love. I have grown so much from this experience and am very excited to see all that is to come.

This would never have happened without all of you lovelies. Thank you to all who read the blog, leave comments and follow on social media. I’m so grateful that you all take time out of your day to step into my world a bit.

Sending you all virtual flowers as a thank you!

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Happy Monday!

Piniel S


Floral Jumpsuit

On one of my last shopping trips I finally found a jumpsuit that fit me right. Now you might be thinking, so what’s the big deal? Well, let me tell you the story. When jumpsuits became the big thing a few years back I went on a hunt to try to find one. See, I really was drawn to the simplicity of it, a top and bottom all in one. However, I could not find one, not one, that fit my body type. I tried every style imaginable from strapless and tapered to ones with  a thick strap and no elastic for the waist. I had almost given up when I found these on sale and thought why not try one more time.

floral print jumpsuit perfect for summer

However, wearing a jumpsuit requires some know-how, as I have come to learn. Here is what I discovered:

Lesson #1:

Never, ever where a “silk” jumpsuit when temps are above 90°F as you will perspire profusely and the fabric will stick to your skin, creating such an unflattering look.

Lesson #2:

Sitting in a jumpsuit is NOT like sitting in any other item of clothing. First, you must pull up the back so that you can actually sit and not pull on the whole thing (learned this one the hard way, my apologies to the folks sitting behind me who got an involuntary and detailed look at the back of my brassiere).

Lesson #3:

No matter how many times you tug on it, there is no way to avoid looking like you have a pouch around your waist while sitting.

silk floral jumpsuit gold rings delicate stackable knuckle ring dark floral print jumpsuit

I’m not complaining though, it was fun wearing a jumpsuit. And now that I actually own one, I can’t wait to find different ways to style and rock it year round.

silk floral print jumpsuit from H&M

Jumpsuit– H&M | Shoes– Forever 21

Piniel S

Style Profile | Taliah Ferguson


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you guys to one of my favorite bloggers, Taliah from Fashion Was Here. Her sense of style is impeccable and all her own. Keep scrolling to learn about her take on fashion, personal style and shopping.

Name: Taliah Ferguson

Blog: Fashionwashere.net


What inspired you to start blogging?

I learned about blogging about ten years ago and thought it was cool to have a small voice on the internet. Fashion has always been my passion, so I started blogging. Initially it was all celebrity fashion and lookbooks, but then I eventually made it more about my personal style. It’s a great platform to have.

How do you define fashion?

I define fashion as something tangible. Something you can pick up from the mall, store, online etc. But style is when one makes it their own. Fashion is definitely fun.


If you could describe your personal style what would it be?

Modern meets vintage

What are the staple items in your closet?

My black Alice & Olivia pumps, my black tuxedo blazer, my Madewell distressed skinny jeans and since its summer time, my denim ripped cut off shorts.

What is your go to outfit?

A sexy pair of heels, fedora or panama hat, skinny jeans and a basic shirt.

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Madewell, Shopbop, ASOS, Nasty gal, J Crew and Goodwill

sheer plaid

Who are your fashion icons?

Olivia Palermo, Kate Moss, Bianca Jagger, Traci Ellis Ross. Too many to name!

Please be sure to check out her blog and show some love!

Piniel S