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My name is Piniel Simegn, a 20-something girl working toward my dreams, a lover of fashion uninterested in labels and a big fan of coupons, codes and clearance racks. I believe in taking the time to figure out one’s personal style not for the sake of vanity but because, if we are honest with ourselves, we walk a little taller when we make an effort. Fashion is one of the best forms of self-expression and does not need to be about meticulously following trends or attempting to embody an icon that we see. To me, it is about wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable, clothes that make you feel beautiful and help express your view-point to the world. This blog is a passion project, a place where I share with you my inspirations and my personal sense of style. It is for the everyday girl; student, worker, mother, dreamer, etc. I hope you find inspiration here, remember your style is only the stage so put on an epic show! xx


  1. Mahlet Ekoubegzi · July 25, 2011

    Love Love your blog and luv u too:)

  2. alligatortoe · July 25, 2011

    I think you and your blog are lovely, so I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! You can see it here: http://alligatortoe.wordpress.com/2012/07/25/one-lovely-award/

    Kristi from Alligator Toe :)

  3. Jess · July 25, 2011

    love this!

  4. Nonee Ngazimbi · July 25, 2011

    seriously just saw this through twitter, and I love!
    Check my blog out too thepinnestsjournal.blogspot.com

    • pinsplace · July 25, 2011

      I just checked out your blog, I love the gold strappy sandals. :-)
      Piniel S.

  5. arikag · July 25

    Hey Piniel, Happy New Year! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! :) Here is the link: https://alittlepepinyourstep.wordpress.com/2015/01/04/liebster-award/

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