Weddings In July

Man, do I love weddings. I’m usually the sap trying not to cry or, I should say, attempting to hide the fact that I am crying will the happy couple exchanges vows that will forever change their lives. I got to attend one over the weekend at a beautiful chapel followed by a fun, dance filled reception. I had known about the wedding for a while but it hadn’t occurred to me that I would have to wear something special till the day before (which is rare for me) but, thankfully, I had this beautiful dress in my closet which I had bought at an amazing sale a few months back. I paired it with black, strappy heels and my hair in a braided crown. I got so many compliments and, above all else, I felt so comfortable and like myself.

red dress perfect for july wedding bold red mini dress with long sleeves with silver beading on the cuffs natural hair braided crown silver stud earrings silver beading detail on the cuff silver rings bohemian black strappy platform high heel shoes long sleeve teired bohemian mini dress and black platform strappy heels bright red dress black strappy heels

Dress– H&M | Shoes– Penny loves Kenny | Rings– Forever 21, H&M | Earrings– Forever 21

Piniel S

Mini Me | Mini My

Here is my secret on how to create a personal style: when it works, wear it over and over in as many variations as possible.

Exhibit A: By now you might have noticed my abundant supply of oversized button up blouses, which I wear as part of my uniform (a large, flowy top paired with jeans/dresses/shorts…that fit closer to the body and an assortment of rings). Those proportions work well on me and above all else, they make me feel most like myself. It used to both me that I was always drawn to the same things when shopping and the same combinations when getting dressed. Then I realized that I was drawn to those things because I felt the most comfortable in them. Now I’m not saying to never try new trends and experiment with your style, that would be me undermining the whole point of this blog . But what I am saying is never try to be like anyone else, especially in the way you dress, because you will feel uncomfortable and it will be very obvious. Know what works for you and use it as a foundation, then experiment with trends to your heart’s content.

Here is a variation of my uniform consisting of one of my favorite button ups over a black mini.

Button up blouse mini skirt high heels blue and white stripped button up blouse black mini and a baby blue stripped top peep toe heels silver delicate stackable knuckle rings peep toe textured navy blue heels with a bow detail

Top, Skirt, Rings– H&M | Shoes– Joey

Piniel S


Hello lovelies;

So remember how I co-hosted a nail art link up with the lovely Kristi of Alligator toe? Well we had so much fun that now we will be doing one every month. We will be posting our DIY manicures with different themes the third Wednesday of each month (#MonthlyMani). If you would like to participate all you have to do is send me an email ( or leave a comment below and let me know.

Since July is national ice cream month we thought it would be fun to create nail art inspired by, say it with me, ICE CREAM. Anytime I think of an ice cream I have an image of two scopes of my favorite flavor in a cone covered in sprinkles and with that inspiration is born.

all the nail polish colors of the rainbow pale pink nail polish as base color

After putting on a layer of base coat (this step is a none negotiable if you want to have healthy nails), I painted on one layer of my base color. Then, using a small striping brush, I created small sprinkle like streaks. I did this one polish at a time so that it also added some layering and texture to the overall look.

sprinkles step by step

Finally, I applied a second coat to my thumb and pinky nails.

sprinkles diy nail art manicure

Click on the links below to see what the other participants created:

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Piniel S

Shop | Mini | Maxi

I’m a girly girl to the core so every summer I try to wear as many as possible. In order to wear though you’ve got to shop so here are some of the summer dresses, both maxi and mini, that I’ve got my eyes on. By the way all of the items shown are under $50 (excluding shipping and handling).

mini dress shopping list summer

All of the mini dresses are from MANGO

Bicolor print dress

Pleated layer dress

Openwork detail dress

Striped ponte dress

 Maxi dress shopping list summer

All of the maxi dresses are from Lulu’s

Under the arbor backless dress

Ready or nautical striped dress

No less than flawless strapless lace dress

Say no amore floral print dress

Let me know if you end up getting any of them!

Happy shopping!

Piniel S


I wore heels for the first time in months and it was an experience. I felt so wobbly and unstable, time to start rocking them more often so I don’t completely fall on my face the next time.

I really like how the color of the shoes complement the graphic print on this maxi dress which I wore with a white button up blouse tied at the waist (my summer uniform). The whole look made me feel so lady like.

summer fashion hair crown braid white button up gold accessories red manicure gold delicate stackable knuckle rings fun mint green ankle strap chuncky heels graphic black and white maxi dress graphic black and white maxi dress white button up tied at waist

Top, Rings– H&M | Dress– Spense | Shoes– Bamboo ( | Earrings– Forever 21

Piniel S